Samira Said

Birth name Samira Bensaïd Pirthi Origin Rabat, Morocco Genres: Arabic music, pop Occupations: Singer Years active: 1974 - present Samira Said was born and raised in Rabat the capital of Morocco. She began singing at a very early age, around 9 years old and her road to stardom began when she was featured on Royal Moroccan TV when she was 12 or 13. She was quickly recognized as a young prodigy. She began singing professionally, encouraged by her family and backed up by important people in the Moroccan music scene like Al Rashdi and others. Her first appearance on television was on the Moroccan talent show "Mawaheb" alongside equally talented yet retired singer Aziza Jalal. In a short time, Samira Said became one of the leading names in her home country, recording many popular Arab songs such as "Kifash Tlakina" ("How we Met"), "Fayetli sheftek shi marra" ("I've seen you once") and "Sarkouh" ("They Stole Him"), not to mention "Al Behhara" ("Mariners"). Her best known singles at this time included "Maghlouba" ("Beaten") and "Wa'ady" ("My Love"). Throughout, Samira was very popular with her Moroccan compatriots and was one of the most enduring and most loved singers in the Kingdom (others would include Abdluhaab Doukkali, Abdelhadi Belkhayat, Naima Samih her main competitor at the time who was extremely popular in Morocco and outside Morocco- and Aziza Jalal). Samira represented the Kingdom of Morocco in the Eurovision Song Contest singing 'Ahna atfal kul edunya', a song that was a messenger of peace in the midst of Arab-Israeli tensions in their heyday. But this song didn't win. Morocco decided never to participate again following this negative experience, some people (source unknown) believed the jury of Eurovision to be anti-Arab, which prompted this decision. But Samira's song was famous all over Morocco. Loved at home and thriving in the Moroccan music scene, Samira decided to turn her past failure into a constructive experience. Already an authority in the Moroccan music scene and with good personal savings, Samira Bensaid traveled to Egypt, the epicentre of art and Arab songs in the pre-oil era (now it seems the centre of singing is switching to the Gulf where Lebanese singers thrive.) There, she started another chapter of her singing and artistic career. Samira connected with the Arab singer Abdul Halim Hafez and Abdul Wahhab, to finally meet Baligh Hamdi. Her financial status also made her transition to Egypt a smooth one. In Egypt, she could chose the right composers for her songs. But her transition to Egypt was welcomed with some unease amongst the Moroccan public. Her total switch to speaking Egyptian dialect hurt the feelings of her Moroccan admirers who truly loved her. This was also caused by the fact that Samira totally severed her ties with Moroccan music styles. She stayed a regular visitor to Moroccan music festivals and sung fully in Egyptian, alienating her admiring Moroccan public. Discography: 1. El hob elli ana a'aycheh (1975) 2. Bitaqat hob (1977) 3. Ben Lif (1979) 4. Hikaya (1981) 5. Allemnah el Hob (1982) 6. Ketr al Kalam (1983) 7. Methaya'li (1984) 8. Lilet el Ouns (1984) 9. Ya Damaiti Haddi (1984) 10. Ehki ya Shehrazade (1985) 11. Youm akablak Fih (1985) 12. Ech gab li gab (1985) 13. Amrak ajib en (1986) 14. Ana walla anta (1989) 15. Moch hatnazel a'anak (1986) 16. Sibak (1986) 17. Ya ebn al halel (1987) 18. Ghariba (1988) 19. Sibni louahdi (1988) 20. Ensani (1989) 21. Ba'adin neta'ateb (1990) 22. Choft el amar (1991) 23. Hannitlak (1992) 24. Khayfa (1992) 25. a'ach'a (1993) 26. Enta habibi (1995) 27. Kolli de echa3at (1996) 28. a'al bal (1998) 29. Rouhi (1999) 30. Laila habibi (2001) 31. Youm Wara Youm (2002).[2] 32. Awweeni Beek (2004) 33. Ayaam Hayati(2008) 34. Be winner ft. Fnaïre (2010)
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