Abd El Meged Abd Alah

Born: Jizan Genres: Saudi Arabian, Arabic Music Occupations: Singer Years active: 15 Abdul Majid Abdullah (Born August 18, 1963) is a Saudi Arabian singer. He is one of the most popular singers in the Arab world. He has released many albums, the most recent of which is Malyoon Kater. Currently, he is divorced and has 3 children (Abdullah - Mohammed - Manar). He was born in Al-‘Aridah, which is a village in Jizan Region. Then he moved with his family, first to Jizan city, then to Gunfuza city. Finally all the family, with the exception of his father, moved to Jeddah city. In school in Jeddah, his teachers discovered his talents, especially in music & theater. They introduced him to the Radio Station in Jeddah where he interpreted, for the first time, the songs of Abdel Halim Hafez and Charifah Fadel. Among his friends, he always interpreted the songs of Talal Maddah & Abdulhalim Hafiz. His first concert was in Al-Ittihad Club in Jeddah. He was thirteen years old and this concert was his first success. He recorded a number of songs to the Television Station, of which “Habayb waqt ma yabgho”, written by Salih Jalal and composed by Hassan Tamraz. He knew the composer Sami Ihsan who helped him much in his beginnings and introduced him in a good and organized manner to the public. In 1979, he accompanied Sami Ihsan to Cairo for some recordings. In Cairo, he met with the singer Talal Maddah & observed how this later treated his colleagues. In this stage, Abdulmajeed recorded four songs: (1) Al-sabr miftah alfaraj (2) Barig Al-thaghr (words of Ibrahim Khafaji) (3) Eish Alayna (words of Talal Sirehani) (4) Shuftak wa fi ‘Oyunak Huzn (words of Mohammed Al-Faysal). These songs were recorded in a cassette containing Talal Maddah’s songs. They didn’t obtain a great success because the cassette was released, by error, under the name of Talal Maddah. In 1984, he went again to Cairo with Sami Ihsan. There, he recorded many songs, of which (Seed Ahaly), words of Ibrahim Khaffaji & set for music of Sami Ihsan. This song represented the beginning of his reputation. Generally, the year 1984 marked his real artistic takeoff. There are three important phases in the artistic career of Abdulmajeed: First phase: With the composer Sami Ihsan. The public knew his voice & he began to become famous with the songs: (Sayed Ahali – Al-sabr Miftah Alfaraj – Milad Hubi – ‘Umri ma Agul lak leih – La tukthir Allum). Second phase: With the Bahraini Composer Khaled Al-Cheikh. He composed for him many of his reputed songs such as: "Tayr Al-shjan", "Irja’a bissalamah", "Zaman assiba", "Rud assalam", "Sakin Galbi", and "An Al-awan". Third phase (the actual phase): Most of the songs of this phase are composed by Saudi composers like Saleh Al-Shihri & Mamduh Saif. The most reputed songs of this phase are: "Rahib", "Kaif asibak", "Khafif addam", "Hail Allah", and "Ya tayeb Al-Galb". During this phase, Abdulmajeed cooperated with many composers, but mainly with those cited above. Abdul Majid has collaborated with many composers from the Persian Gulf countries: Talal Maddah – Omer Kardas – Siraj Munir – Madani ‘Abbadi – Sami Ihsan – Jameel Mahmood – Mohammed Al-Maghis – Talal Bagher – Saleh Al-Shihri – Abdulrab Idriss – Mamduh Saif – Khaled Al-Cheikh. He also interpreted one of the old songs of the Great Saudi artist Tarek Abdulhakim (Abki ‘ala ma jara ly ya hali); this was a real success for him. Equally, he interpreted some of the great Saudi artist Fauzi Mahsun songs (Subhano wa gaddaru alyk – Bashsharuni ‘ank – Ruh ahmid Allah wa bas). This interpretation contributed also to his big reputation. Abdul Majid as a composer: His first set to music was for Aseel Abu Baker’s song "A’ajibak", in the album Wahid Min Al-Nas released in 1996. The most distinguished poets Abdul Majid cooperated with are: Ibrahim Khafaji, Badr bin Abdulmohsen, Abdulrahman Hijazi, Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Faysal, Yaseen Samkari, Najeeb Bitaich, Sari, Mohammed Al-Garni, Sau bin Abdullah, Khaled Al-Faysal & Asir Al-Shauq, Abdulmajeed has many albums: - 1995: Raheeb - 1996: Rouji Tehibak - 1997: Rayeg - 1998: Ya Tayib Al-Gulb - 1999: Ghali - 2000: Enta Al-Aziz, his best selling album (distributed by EMI Music Arabia) - 2002: A'az Al-Nas (distribted by EMI Music Arabia) - 2004: Layalina (distributed by EMI Music Arabia) - 2005: Al-Hob Al-Jadeed (distributed by Stallions and later on, EMI Music Arabia) - 2007: Ensan Ekthar - 2008: Malyon Khater